What Money Have You Received Today?

This week I wanted to talk about changing your money mindset, as I have found that a lot of my clients are feeling overwhelmed with this right now. There is no denying it...that with Covid, it has been a lot of pressure for many people, so it is understandable. I get it - health, family and relationships and all the fears come to the surface.

YOUR WELLNESS IS AFFECTED BY YOUR WEALTH For a lot of people, money pressure can make the whole situation a lot worse and many fears can come to the surface. Maybe you’re avoiding money conversations with your partner or clients? Maybe you’re worried about your savings or cutting costs? It is hard and it is common and understandable to have these blockages.

Maybe if you run a business you’re thinking you need to decrease your prices or you’re freaking out because you’ll lose some clients.

How you receive money is how you think about money - it is the Law of Attraction. What you focus on you attract. So, if you focus on what you do not have, you will bring more of that to you and have a lack mindset. However, if you focus on money you are receiving then you attract more to you.

For example, I have been running a special offer since The Mind Spa Membership launch that saves my clients £10 a month. So, it is usually £29 a month and you currently get the membership for £19. So, you are receiving that £10 back by making a saving each month. You might find money down the side of your sofa. You might receive abundance in other areas, such as a free gift or someone offering their service to you for free. All of these are positive ways you are receiving money without even knowing it.

What does your current money mindset say to you? Does it say:

“I am not deserving of money”

“Money isn’t important right now”

“I do not value myself, so I do not value money either”

“The current economy means people are not buying”

“I’m not ready right now. I will commit when things go back to normal”

Even though these thoughts seem perfectly logical to you, they are actually not. All of these are emotional blocks that are disguised as logic.

None of these excuses are real and they cause you to procrastinate out of fear. If you run a business your client is not going to automatically give you more money. Or, if you work for someone else, you cannot make a promotion magically appear. You have to do the mindset work and commit to making positive changes in your life.

There is a lot going on and the economy, your income and lifestyle will no doubt have been affected in someway. However, I know that deep down inside there is a little voice saying: YOU ARE DESTINED FOR AN ABUNDANT LIFE However, your current mindset pushes that belief right down, so you keep coming up with extra excuses that keep you in your current ‘stuck’ situation. This can happen all the time, especially during challenging times. But, do not worry. It is not just you.

Over a decade ago before I got into my profession, I felt the same way. I invested so much time, money and energy into my studies however, I was not receiving abundance in return because I had a block about receiving money and I felt guilty for charging my clients. Also, being in the wellness profession, I naturally wanted to help people all the time. But, once I realised that it was not just monetary value that I was adding to my clients lives and that what I offered was transformational in their whole life, my mindset changed and my business soared to new levels.

As I worked on my money mindset, I released the blocks that were holding me back and abundance flowed back to me in so many different ways. From getting fully booked out for 4 months, launching a self-care stationery range, writing a book, being featured in national magazines… and the list goes on.

So, today work on changing your money MINDSET. You will never know what doors it will also open for you.

With the right MINDSET and that deep knowing you have, you will learn to build a fantastic relationship with money and an abundant life.

With the right MINDSET you will:

Attract the right clients if you run a business

Learn that you are your best investment

Attract more abundance to you

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