Journaling For Empowerment

As we welcome in a new month, April is also the month of Empowerment at The Mind Spa Membership with exciting new self-care rituals to empower you to be the best version of you.

I have always loved writing and that is why, when I was younger I decided to move to London and I qualified as a Journalist. Over the years, I then moved transitioned into the wellness and holistic interior design industry and I love writing what I am passionate about everyday.

Many people do not realised the power of having a daily journaling practice and how empowering it can actually be. A daily journaling practice can help you to:

- Work through problems

- Heal relationships and friendships

- Access your subconscious mind

- Interpret your dreams

- Get clear on your goals

- Declutter your mind

- Overcome inner child wounds

- Recover from grief

and much much more.

For me, journaling has helped me in so many ways and I excelled so much in my business when I finally decided to have a dedicated practice everyday.

All you need to get started is simply a pen and an inspiring notebook or journal. Carry it around with you wherever you go and when inspiration hits or you feel a rush of emotions then write it down. I promise you that big positive shifts will change within you once you begin to write your way to wellness.

If you feel inspired to write today, my range of Self-Care Stationery will be perfect for you from Gratitude Journals, Monthly Manifestation Planners and much more. You can also join me on instagram @jaikooven_ where I will be doing weekly journaling inspiration to support you on your journaling journey called 'Journal with Jai'.

For home inspiration follow @holistichomestylist

Happy writing everyone! I hope you are able to tap into your inner wisdom and write your way to wellness. x