Journal With Me - Reflecting On 2021

As, we draw closer to yet another year, how many things have you managed to check off your New Year Resolutions for 2021? Today's blog is an interactive 'Journal With Me' exercise to help you review the past year and manifest a great 2022.

So, get your journals out and let's begin...


How would you summarise 2021 in one word or a small sentance?

For me, I summarise it as 'Learning To Let Go'. Let go of control, let go of the clutter in your head and in your house and letting go of the excess in your life, so you can do more of what you love and feel more in balance.

Did you take steps this year to get closer to your goals and your dream life? Explain your answer.

For me I always like to feel like I am progressing, but not in an obsessive workaholic way. So, no matter whether they are small goals or large goals, work goals or life goals, I always feel like I am achieving something. I took steps everyday to get to where I wanted to be today and I am grateful to have this discipline in my life.

List all your highlights of the past year.

My highlights have been writing for Soul & Spirit Magazine, launching my Oracle Card Deck and finishing my first book. My other highlight is that I feel like I have evolved as a person and gained so much wisdom in the past year about getting off the hamster wheel and incorporating slow and simple ways of living into my life.

What is one thing that you are really proud of?

I am so proud of finally finishing my book. It was an emotional rollercoaster at times, but well worth it.

How can you improve for next year?

I learn't this year that balance is the key to health and happiness, so I will be incorporating more balance into my days and schedule.

What is a fun event, holiday or activity that you can plan for yourself next year?

I am hoping to go back to The Maldives next year, but we will see how things are with the pandemic. I would like to have more days out with friends or have a pampering weekend retreat for myself.


My intention for January is...

My intention for January is to finally launched my book to the world and announce my new publishing company. My big intention for January is to live a more balanced life by not putting too much on my plate all at once and allowing myself self-care time and breaks to nourish my soul.

What are your top three goals for January?

Create a more balanced schedule between work, rest and play, launch my book and work with some amazing clients through my publishing company. I also am so excited for the new Emily In Paris Series 2 on Netflix coming out on 22nd of December 2021.

What mini goals do you have for January?

I am a bookworm at heart so hence the reason for writing my books, launching my publishing company and mentoring clients. This is like my dream job! My mini goals which is also book related is that I would like to read 12 books in January and have more cosy nights in watching rom com films and having relaxing baths.

Now, schedule in your goals and mini goals into your diary for January. When you put it in your calendar, it helps you to feel accountable and you are more likely to achieve it. I wish you all a safe, healthy and Happy Christmas and I will see you in the New Year.

Have a beautiful rest of your day.

Jai x