7 Habits of Beautiful Skin

It is not just your skincare that makes a difference, but these healthy habits make a difference too.

The 7 Habits to Beautiful Skin

Here are the 7 Habits for you to try:

  1. Nourish & Hydrate - It is not just what you put on your skin, but also what you put in your body that counts. Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water to flush out toxins.

  2. Create a Healthy Work-Life Balance - It does not matter how well you look after your skin, if you are stressed then that stress will leave you with blemished skin and frown lines.

  3. Be a Natural Beauty - Use a Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free brand such as Tropic Skincare to help you glow from the inside out. Discover these wonderful products by booking a complimentary Virtual Pamper.

  4. Buff Away - Exfoliate your face and skin to buff away dead skin cells and leave you with beautiful glowing skin.

  5. Get Your Beauty Sleep - Create a healthy nighttime routine and get between 7-9 hours sleep a night.

  6. Use a Serum - Serums are skincare products that are designed to deliver a high concentration of specific active ingredients to your skin. Try Tropic Skincare Glow Berry to brighten and renew your skin with Vitamin C, Superberries and Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract.

  7. Use your Skin Saviours - Tamanu Healing Balm in an all in-one skin saviour balm. It contains Blackcurrant, Raspberry Seed Oil, Shea and Cupuacu Butters and Tamanu Oil. It is great for repairing the skin and helps with stretch marks and is multi-award winning.

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