3 Self-Care Decisions I Wish I Made Sooner

Many years ago before I was introduced to the wonderful holistic world, I often felt burnt out and overwhelmed. I did not have a self-care practice and I did not see the importance of it either. Whenever somebody would take about meditation, I would just think 'I'm so busy, I do not have time for that'. And, I know a lot of my readers reading this will feel the same way too.

However, it was not until I hit rock bottom and then tried various forms of self-care that I saw the power of a self-care practice. This is when, over the space of 15 years, I earned over 27 holistic and coaching therapy qualifications and dedicated my life to help support others with their self-care. Here are 3 Self-Care Decisions I Wish I Made Sooner:

1. Self-care is not selfish and it is an absolute must.

Whether you do a quick 3 minute yoga flow or treat yourself to a morning facial or lovely bath, these acts of kindness to yourself are crucial for your wellbeing.

2. Showing self-care to your home is very beneficial on your wellbeing.

How can you meditate or feel relaxed when your space and mind is filled with clutter?

3. The importance of having a self-care practice.

Once I created a daily self-care practice, my whole life changed for the better.

This is why I spent years creating The Mind Spa Membership and then my signature programme to help you get a Happy Holistic Life. My passion is in finding self-care solutions for the busy modern woman. So, with The Mind Spa Membership, all the self-care support you need is in one space. If you only have 3 minutes - 5 minutes there is a yoga flows, meditations, oracle card readings and much more to help you. I also help my clients through my programmes, 1:1 support and my designer self-care stationery range.

So, if you need support today on your self-care journey and do not know where to start. Get in contact as I have an abundance of support here just for you. x