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4 Weeks to a Beautiful New You


What is a GLOW Goddess?

A GLOW Goddess is someone who is empowered by their natural beauty and all things holistic living.  This includes natural skincare, self-care, organic eating and wellness rituals.  

Jai is a fully Certified Holistic Beauty & Health Practitioner, and a specialist in Vegan Nutrition as well as being an industry expert in fragrance and skincare.   She has over 18 distinctions in Holistic Therapies including Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing and Holistic Beauty Therapy.

She is also a Graduate of the International Association of Wellness Professionals and is currently studying towards a BSc in Social Psychology.

 Working for over a decade with luxury brands such Jo Malone London, Neal's Yard, L'occitane and Tropic Skincare.  She understands the power of skincare, nutrition and natural beauty rituals and the positive effect they can have on your life.

The GLOW Goddess is a 4-Week transformational 1:1 mentoring programme working with clients all over the World through Zoom.


What's included:


• 4 - Week Transformational 1:1

Mentoring Programme

• 4 x 1:1 60 Minute Virtual Consultations 

• Tips, tricks, holistic advice and support throughout the whole 12-weeks.

• 7-Day Self-Care Rituals E-book & Daily Wellness Planner PDF


* Discover what Green Beauty is and how it can make a huge difference to your skin.

* 1 x  60 Minute Natural Beauty  Virtual Treatment


* Learn the benefits of holistic living and the healthy balance of body, mind and spirit.

* 1 x 60 Minute Virtual Chi Cleanses, to help you emotionally heal through Holistic Counselling and Mindset Work.


* Learn the benefits of going Vegan and how it can change your life.

* Learn how you can adapt your current diet to a Vegan one or make small changes to incorporate Vegan meals into your daily meal plan. 

Do not worry if you do not want to become Vegan, we can just incorporate healthy Vegan recipes into your current diet.

* 1 x 60 Minute Vegan Vitality Session


* Learn what a Sacred Space is and how to create one.

* Discover Wellness Rituals that keep you inspired and empowered.

* Learn about Essential Oils, Journaling, Crystals, Herbal Teas and lots more advice on how to enhance your wellbeing.

1 x 60 Minute Wellness Rituals Consultation

The GLOW Goddess Vision


Jai's mission is to help you discover and embrace your natural beauty.  To glow from the inside out there are 4 areas that she focuses on.  


Become a


* Jai will re-educate you on your current skincare regime and your skincare products.

* Jai only promotes Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free products without chemicals to use on your face and body. This way you always know that the products you are using are providing you with 100% goodness for your skin.

The benefits of


* Jai has been studying and qualifying in holistic therapies for over 15 years.  She has over 18 distinctions at present and is always adding to her education on holistic living.

* Let Jai help you by providing you with a balance of your mind, body and spirit through making positive changes in your life.

* Get a Chi Cleanse which will help you with your emotional healing through Holistic Counselling and Mindset Work.

Discover a


* Discover the benefits of a Vegan Diet and how it can change your life.

* Jai has qualified in Vegan Nutrition and has also been Vegan for over 7 years.

* Discover how you can transition from a

Meat-eater to a healthy, happy Vegan 

Create your own


* Learn what a sacred space is and how to create one.

* Discover Wellness Rituals that keep you inspired and empowered.

* Learn about Essential Oils, Herbal Teas, Journalling, Crystals and more to enhance your wellbeing.

Make a change today for a happier and healthier you

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