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Jai Koo-Ven is the founder of  GLOW Wellness Concierge which specialises in making you feel good in mind, body and soul.  We provide a luxury private and personal wellness concierge service so you can live a more stress-free life and make time for your wellbeing.



Our mission is to help you feel beautifully balanced in your life everyday. Our world can put a lot of high demand on our stress levels.  High stress levels coupled with unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on your wellbeing.


At GLOW Wellness Concierge, we believe that a holistic lifestyle is your medicine.  We are international experts in wellbeing and self-care and can help you live a more balanced life for a happier and most importantly, a healthier you.


For busy professionals, juggling the demands of life, life can be hard and the wellness world can be very confusing at time.  This is why we offer a Wellness Concierge service to take the stress away from trying to figure everything out.  Want to transition to a vegan lifestyle, but don't know where to start?  Feeling overwhelmed with life admin and need some support? Want to style your home in a more holistic way? Feeling stressed-out and need an Aromatherapy package to help you stay balanced?  Or maybe you are looking for a wellness retreat abroad and need some support in organising everything.  Let us help you!



Jai Koo-Ven is an Author, International Holistic Wellness & Beauty Expert & founder of GLOW Wellness Concierge. She founded GLOW Lifestyle Concierge on the basis that she wanted to support busy professional women in having a more balanced life by supporting them with wellbeing solutions through the GLOW Wellness Concierge.  


She supports women from all around the World in their holistic health and wellbeing and mentors Writers and Creatives in creating their books.  Jai and her team of experts are excited to be supporting you too.

 Every client will have access to The Mind Spa Retreat which is an online mind and body lifestyle programme that will support you in creating healthier habits for a happier you.   Here you will have access to a comprehensive library of yoga and meditation classes and  empowering wellness rituals for your wellbeing needs. 

Jai is also the designer behind her own luxury Self-Care Stationery brand and two oracle card decks.  Her work has been featured in national magazines including Soul & Spirit,  Ideal Home, Women's Health, Wedding Ideas, Bath Life and Hairstyle & Beauty Magazine.  Her much anticipated debut book will be published in 2022.   She has clients all over the World including high profile clients in Dubai, LA and Bali. 

At the age of 12, Jai underwent major surgery to have a brain tumour removed.  After beating the odds and also recovering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), she was determined to make a success out of her life.  From this very young age she gained the determination to succeed and heal herself in a holistic way.  As she got older this determination led to her gaining over 27 qualifications in various Holistic Therapies, Journalism & Journal Therapy along with several Internationally Accredited Holistic Diplomas.  Her name 'Koo-Ven' is from her Malaysian heritage and means 'Caring'.

Working with GLOW Wellness Concierge you will learn how to bring holistic and wellbeing energy into your life and create a life-changing experience for yourself. We encourage women to embrace time for their wellbeing and inspire them to bring holistic wellbeing and and uplifting self-care rituals into their lives.


Let us support you with the overwhelm, claim your time back and live a more balanced life.

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