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 Jai Koo-Ven is an Author, International Holistic Expert & Spiritual Life Coach specialising in Mindfulness, Yin Yoga & Meditation.  She is the Creator of The Mind Spa Membership and The Inspire Empire Programme.

The Inspire Empire Programme is a 12 week business & self-discovery programme for spiritual entrepreneurs who want to lead an abundant life and develop a brand& business they love. 


The Mind Spa Experience is an online self-care and wellness membership for women.  Join Jai and her team of Holistic Experts from around the World who will inspire you to create amazing self-care rituals each day which will truly change your life. Dedicated to all things wellbeing including sound healing, yoga, meditation, moon energy, angels and much more.   Over 300 hours of empowering classes for your wellbeing needs. 

Jai is also the designer behind her own luxury Self-Care Stationery brand and oracle card deck.  Her work has been featured in national magazines including Soul & Spirit,  Ideal Home, Women's Health, Wedding Ideas and Hairstyle & Beauty Magazine.  Her much anticipated debut book will be published in 2021.   She has clients all over the World including high profile clients in Dubai, LA and Bali. 

At the age of 12, Jai underwent major surgery to have a brain tumour removed.  After beating the odds and also recovering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), she was determined to make a success out of her life.  From this very young age she gained the determination to succeed and heal herself in a holistic way.  As she got older this determination led to her gaining over 27 qualifications in Holistic Therapies along with several Internationally Accredited Coaching Diplomas.  Her name 'Koo-Ven' is from her Malaysian heritage and means 'Caring'.

Working with Jai, she will teach you that by bringing holistic and wellbeing energy into your life it can provide you with a life-changing experience. She encourages busy modern women to embrace time for their wellbeing and inspires them to bring holistic wellbeing into their lives everyday, so they can live a life that they love.

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