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Jai Koo-Ven is an Author and International Wellness Expert who specialises in making you feel good in mind, body and soul.


 Jai's mission is to help you feel beautifully balanced in your life everyday. Our world can put a lot of high demand on our stress levels.  High stress levels coupled with unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on your wellbeing.
Jai believes that a holistic lifestyle is your medicine.  She is an international  expert in wellbeing and self-care and can help you live a more balanced life for a happier you.

For busy professionals, juggling the demands of life it can be hard and the wellness world can be very confusing at times.  This is why Jai offers 1:1 Wellness Support to take the stress away from trying to figure everything out.  Want to transition to a vegan lifestyle, but don't know where to start?  Feeling overwhelmed with life admin and need some support? Want to style your home in a more holistic way? Feeling stressed-out and need an crystal package to help you stay balanced?  Or maybe you want to write a book and need some support with the process.  Let Jai help  you!  

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