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Jai Koo-Ven is the founder of GLOW Wellness Concierge which is a wellness lifestyle brand. We specialise in making you feel good in mind, body and soul by providing a luxury and personal wellness concierge service so you can live a more stress-free life and make time to look after your wellbeing with our support.


 Our mission is to help you feel beautifully balanced in your life everyday. Our world can put a lot of high demand on our stress levels.  High stress levels coupled with unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on your wellbeing.

At GLOW Wellness Concierge, we believe that a holistic lifestyle is your medicine.  We are international experts in wellbeing and self-care and can help you live a more balanced life for a happier you.

For busy professionals, juggling the demands of life can be hard and the wellness world can be very confusing at time.  This is why we offer a Wellness Concierge service to take the stress away from trying to figure everything out.  Want to transition to a vegan lifestyle, but don't know where to start?  Feeling overwhelmed with life admin and need some support? Want to style your home in a more holistic way? Feeling stressed-out and need an crystal package to help you stay balanced?  Or maybe you are looking for a wellness retreat abroad and need some support in organising everything.  Let us help you!  

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